Spring Boot with Docker

Containers have been making revolutionary changes in software world. Previous systems were mostly powered by virtual machines. Today many software pioneers like Google, Amazon, Redhat and Docker Inc. convert the industry in that way. Docker was released in 2013 by Solomon Hykes. Now it is developing by Docker Inc. It is relying on LXC(Linux Containers) which was invented in 2008 by IBM.

Introduction to Testcontainers

Spring Boot makes it easy to setup and start a microservice project. But in microservice’s world, it is hard to test changes in all architecture. Because it is hard to setup same environment in local. So each service should responsible their own changes and guarantee that it won’t break any RPC call or business logic with new changes. Integration tests help in that manner to release the changes in more confident. So it is important to create an environment which is as much as close to production.

Spring Test - Integration Testing with TestRestTemplate

Spring Test provides have few options to test our controllers. So in this post let’s take a look to how to test controllers with TestRestTemplate. These tests are run as an integration tests. In that kind of tests are no difference what are our application doing on production(ignoring other system components proxy servers, load-balancing etc.). These kind of tests are suitable to test any HTTP related problems. You also have more argument when some of your client/friend come to your table and blame you that your endpoints are not working.

Spring Test - Web Layer Testing with MockMvcTest

How are you testing your Controllers? Are you ignore unit tests for them? Or you just write some time consuming, heavyweight integration tests. Let’s take a look to MockMvcTest.

How a Good Programmer Perform Better in a Slow Computer

Nowadays I am reading Thomas Colmen’s book, Algorithms Unlocked. I like one example in it which demostrate that how good programmer perform better in a slow computer.